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    Affordable Invisible Hearing Aids that put you in the centre of conversation

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    Ask us about OpenSound Navigator from Oticon for complex environments

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    From engineers to musicians to swimmers, we have your custom ear plug

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    Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinics in Edgware, Borehamwood Hackney, or in the comfort of your home for just £60.00

COVID-19 Update #16 on 05/11/2022

Our staff are still tested weekly, and are also fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • We wear masks and advise that our patients wear masks during their appointment 
  • No tube or tube liner is used twice despite the expense
  • Yes, we have decided to absorb all the extra costs involved ourselves.

However we ask that you please do use earwax drops from a pharmacy, unless you have been advised not to do so by a clinician, for example if you have a perforation or if you have had a recent ear infection. 

Our services Include

Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction clinics in Edgware, Borehamwood, Stoke Newington,  or in your home

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Hidden Hearing Aids

Affordable Hidden Hearing aids to suit every budget, using the latest nano-technology

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Custom Ear Plugs

From musicians to swimmers, we have a custom moulded ear plug for you

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Our Microsuction Clinics

Microsuction Earwax Removal clinic Edgware

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic – Edgware

96 Edgware Way, Edgware HA8 8JS (entrance via Spinelab)

We also run a microsuction ear wax removal service from our clinic in Edgware. Our address is 96 Edgware Way, Edgware HA8 8JS

To make an appointment for this clinic call us on 020 8168 0188

To Book Online Click Here

Microsuction Earwax removal Borehamwood

Microsuction Ear wax Removal Clinic  – Borehamwood

We are working together with the Natural Gateway Clinic in Borehamwood, to offer our Microsuction earwax removal services there. The Natural Gateway clinic is  in Borehamwood Hertfordshire near Radlett, St Albans and Watford.

To make an appointment for this clinic call us on 020 8168 0188

To Book Online Click Here:

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Home Visits – £85.00

  • Evening and weekend service
  • Same Day Service

We offer a limited amount of  earwax removal home visit appointments where there is clinical need, for example for house bound patients . All you need a a clean table and chair, and we can remove your ear wax in the comfort of your home. We offer this service if you don’t live too far from one of our regular clinics around Edgware or Borehamwood.

We always do our utmost to ensure that your ear is clear of wax safely with one visit if that is possible. Our experienced ear wax removal techniques rely on the most recent peer reviewed data, in terms of dealing with stubborn wax in the safest and most expeditious manner.

To make an appointment for this clinic call us on 020 8168 0188

To Find out more about earwax, its removal and its causes, see our detailed page here

Hidden Hearing Aids

  • Affordable Prices

    Available at various technology levels to suit you budget

  • Audio Streaming Possible

    Depending on your ear size, music and phone streaming can be incorporated into hidden hearing aids

  • Noise Reduction Technology

    Despite the small size of these hearing aids, background noise reduction technology is included in hidden hearing aids as well.



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Buy Oticon OPN S from Audiologist Ltd for £1065.00

The first hearing aid fast enough to support the brain. The processing speed of Opn technology ensures more accurate information about the 360° soundscape. Oticon Opn improves your ability to understand speech by up to 30%, so you don’t have to work as hard to understand, leaving more mental energy to remember what you hear.


Buy your Oticon OPNs from Audiologist Ltd

Published Oticon OPN Statistics

Heard Much Better

Understand More With Less Effort

Very Satisfied

Use Bluetooth Streaming


Hearing Aid Streaming

Turn you hearing aid into a fully functional hands-free kit or wearable ear phones. Whether listening to music, connecting to the TV or simply keeping your hands free in the truest sense of the word when on the phone, ask us about the streaming options available for your hearing aids.

Oticon OPN hearing aids available from us for just £1065 come with iOS streaming built in to the device, and support streaming through Android devices with the Connect Clip depicted here

Custom Moulded Swimming Plugs

Custom swim plugsSwim Moulds are used to prevent water from entering the ear canal during swimming or other water sports.

Custom moulded swim-plugs are obviously more effective at keeping water out. We supply both polymer corded and un-corded swim plugs so that you can enjoy your water sports without the risk of infection.

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musicians -plugsMusicians moulded ear plugs offer musicans the right level of protection maintaining the quality of sound without distortion.

ER9 ER 15 and ER25 musician moulds can be provided each offering the corresponding dB Attenuation level, see table below. Additionally, custom moulded sleeping plugs for light-sleepers are also available from us.

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Musicians Moulded Ear Plugs Attenuation Levels

  • ER15

  • 125 Hz 10.4 dB

  • 250Hz 9.4 dB

  • 500Hz 5.8 dB

  • 1000Hz 6.8 dB

  • 2000Hz 10.3 dB

  • 4000Hz 9.2 dB

  • 8000Hz 15.5 dB

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  • ER15

  • 125 Hz 13.7 dB

  • 250Hz 14.6 dB

  • 500Hz 15.2 dB

  • 1000Hz 13.7 dB

  • 2000Hz 14.7 dB

  • 4000Hz 13 dB

  • 8000Hz 16.9 dB

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  • ER25

  • 125 Hz 17.9 dB

  • 250Hz 19.5 dB

  • 500Hz 22.5 dB

  • 1000Hz 20.7 dB

  • 2000Hz 21.1 dB

  • 4000Hz 25.2 dB

  • 8000Hz 20.9 dB

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  • Abbas Jagani

    Great service and treatment! Same day appointment, easy booking and professional.

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    Thank you for the efficient and friendly service. I have never had such a painless ear wax removal before! Would highly recommend.

    Ella Weil via Google Reviews
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    Everything was fully explained, the procedure was thorough and painless and the outcome is great

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