The most common difficulty people with hearing loss report is hearing in challenging environments. Backround noise, group listening scenarios, or perhaps listening to the television or following a telephone conversation all present unique challenges.  


Matching expertise with the right technology, can often help YOU achive the right result.   At Audiologist Ltd we strive to give you the very best at highly competative rates, with no compromises on care. 

Excessive earwax build-up is a very common problem which can lead to a significant decrease in hearing ability. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find local NHS practitioners who do earwax removal. Traditional irrigation  methods can lead to ear infections, which is why they are being overlooked in favour of Microsuction methods. 


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Technology continues to advance at an incredible pace. Hearing aids have become the wonderful nano-computers that they are, capable of distinguishing and amplifying speech in noise, without any user input.  Muffled speech becomes clear and this can often be achieved  in hearing aids so small that that are effectively hidden hearing aids and at affordable cost.


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